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Paradigm Educational Center, Inc. offers an individualized education to children from 6 weeks through 6 years of age in a nurturing and pleasant atmosphere.  Based on the Montessori method, we provide age-appropriate activities called "work," that challenges the child’s curiosity, promotes self-discipline, and encourages learning through discovery. Montessori encourages cooperative play throughout the day, and allows the children to direct themselves from one piece of work to another, learning how to respect one another and the materials in which are in the enviornment.  Our shelves are filled with inviting work that is arranged in specific order, from concrete to the abstract, which promotes self-discipline as the child puts a piece of work away, and retrieves another, making sure all work is in the same order in which they removed it from.  As the children decide when they are finished with a work, the child begins to refine their concentration and motivation skills, while the teacher is their to guide them along the way.   


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We invite you to take a tour of our center and meet our teachers. Please call 1-402-896-3400 to set up an appointment.